Relationships are our most important chemistry.

Committed to excellence.

Focused efforts. Savings at your fingertips.

What you need. When you need it.

We’re in business for one reason and one reason only: to connect suppliers and customers as a trusted and reliable supply chain partner. We are committed to always being accessible and responsive while ensuring on time deliveries at a fair market value.

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Committed to Excellence


Laranja Chemical Corporation is a specialty chemical and commodity distributor in Western Canada. As a progressive and responsible supply chain partner, we source products from anywhere in the world and deliver them according to your specific needs.

In understanding that each and every company has their own individual and unique production schedules; we effectively tailor our product deliveries to accommodate; ensuring that the products you ordered, arrive on time… every time.

With headquarters in Greater Calgary, and warehousing and logistics situated to serve the Western provinces, Laranja is strategically positioned to meet any and all your product needs and in accordance with your inventory strategies.

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Focused efforts. Savings at your fingertips.


In recognizing that every organization, from production planners to purchasers are all unique individuals with equally unique approaches and processes, Laranja makes it a point to appreciate that uniqueness and understand in turn how it impacts demand, sourcing and delivery.

We are as focused on your bottom line as you are. To ensure that our customers benefit from our unique industry approach, we work with our international network of suppliers to secure only the most reliable sources and always at competitive prices.


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What you need. When you need it.


It’s no secret that procuring chemicals that are both high-quality and well-priced requires a significant amount of focused time and effort. Add to that the critical demands of production and delivery schedules and the ultimate challenge becomes searching and sifting through the thousands of available products that are out there.

To ensure that you will always get the best product at the best price, Laranja provides procurement specialists to our customers who are both industry experienced and production savvy.

After all, you can never be too laser focused.